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Agios Georgios

"For Your Eyes Only"
(007 film)

Enthusiasts of the James Bond films will be interested to know that several sequences of "For Your Eyes Only" starring Roger moore as 007 were made quite close to Agios Georgios. Supposedly being in Spain much of the exciting car chase in this film was filmed on the narrow roads among the olive groves between Pagi and Arkades.
The road has been much improved and widened since then so true James Bond fans might have problems reconising scene places.
The famous 2CV sequences, which helped rake in a cool $194 million in the box office, saw Bond abandon his Lotus Esprit for a bright yellow 2CV in order to escape hitman Hector Gonzales.
The car chase was ranked top in a poll for the Top Ten James Bond Chase Sequences.

In the nearby village of Pagi one of the interesting sequences of the famous car chase in this film was made. In the centre of Pagi, Bond and Melina’s yellow Citroen 2CV took the lower road where the road divides,

The 2CV went right here

met the local bus on the corner near a little shop (in the film), and sent vegetables flying across the road before finishing on its roof.

Although that was a quarter of a century ago this part of timeless Pagi has hardly changed. If you remember the sequence, stop and have a drink at the nearby cafe. You will soon be reliving that scene in your memory.

Try this web-page for more information about the locations.http://commanderbond.net/article/2875

The Car

"The Citroen 2CV might not be fast – in fact, the car in the film had a more-powerful flat-four engine fitted just to make it half decent – but it’s extremely light and the unique four-wheel independent suspension means it is extremely manoeuvrable. As we see when he ducks and dives his way out of danger, launches the 2CV down some steps and jumps over the pursuing cars.

In reality, the 2CV was originally developed to provide farmers and doctors with a cheap and reliable means of transport – and interest was so high that initial orders only went to these people. To prove its worth as a farming car the 2CV needed to pass the eggs-in-the-basket test. Basically, it needed to cross a field without breaking any of the delicious hen produce inside. Of course, it passed with flying colours thanks to that independent suspension system."

(from http://cars.uk.msn.com)