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Agios Georgios



There are at present only 7 hotels in Agios Georgios of which one has been closed for several years. Circumstances and contracts change from year to year and the information given below is for guidance only.
In 2019 two are included in Thomsons UK Brochures for Package Holidays and 2 were favoured by German and eastern European travel companies as well as independant bookings.

NOTE: Several Internet Travel sites are incorrectly calling some self-catering apartments in the resort "Hotels", but those on the following list are the ONLY hotels in the resort.

Hotel Name Independent Brochure Situation Size Contacts
Alkyon Beach Some Part independent.
Also book via Booking.com and Hotels4u
Beachside 82 Tel: 2663096204
fax: 2663096206
Email: alkyonhotel@ymail.com
Belle Helene Some 1. Neckermans;
2.Part independent
Beachside 52 Tel: 26630 96201
Fax:26630 96209
Email: bellehel@otenet.gr
Corfu Star Yes Part independent Beachside 34 Tel: 2663096210
Fax: 2663096065
Costas Golden Beach No Thomsons "Small and Friendly" Beachside About 30 ? Tel: 2663096208
Fax: 2663096207
Email: cgbhotel@otenet.gr
San Georgio Hotel Yes  Completely re-furbished in 2018. Various internet agents Beach 150 metres Small Tel: +30 2663096213
Email: info@sangeorgiohotel.com
St George Palace Hotel Yes New 2017. Various Internet agents Beach 300 metres About 150 Email: saintgeorgecfu@gmail.com
Theo's Hotel Some Thomsons "Small and Friendly".
Hotel will accept Independent bookings for May and October.
Beach 800 metres
31 Tel: 26630 96305
Fax:26630 96482
Email: elena@theoshotel.com
Porto Demo Boutique Yes New hotel 2018
(Adults only)
Beach 150metres 140  

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