about Agios Georgios north, Corfu


The views from Afionas are some of the most outstanding in Corfu, and very rarely can one see such superb scenery both to the north and south.
In addition this little village has an unspoilt charm.

Photograph from Afionas over Agios Georgios Bay
South from Afionas

Photograph from Afionas looking North
North from Afionas

Leaving our car in the road before the village square we take our time to enjoy the unspoilt atmosphere and smile at the local people often sitting under the old olive tree.

Photograph  of local people at Afionas
Cool place on a hot day

The village centre is a clean and brightly coloured place.

Photograph  of Afionas village centre
Village Centre

Here also is the old Church with its lovely Belltower

Afionas Church
Afionas Church Belltower

Near the belltower is a memorial in remembrance of an Afionas man who was killed in mysterious circumstances in 1996.
Ektoras Gialopsos was one of crew of 3 in a Greek Forces helicopter which crashed on the Imia islets in the Aegean Sea close to the coast of Turkey during a sovereignty dispute between the 2 countries.

Afionas memorial
Larger close-up

To read more about this incident check out : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imia/Kardak


The narrow village streets lead to quiet corners.

Photograph  of Bouganvilleas at Afionas
Village House in Afionas

Photograph  of steps to house at Afionas
Village House in Afionas

A short stroll along a narrow road past glorious bouganvilleas soon leads onto the headland to reveal the superb views down and across the turqoise water of the bay of Agios Georgios. (Unfortunately the 2 beautiful shrubs in the photographs below have now been removed to enable the house to be modernised )

Photograph of Bouganvilleas at Afionas
Path to Headland

Photograph of Bouganvilleas at Afionas

Ahead of you is the entrance to the easy going and friendly Dionysos Taverna and Porto Timoni Cafe both with fantastic views from one of those "must go" places in this area.

The more energetic can pick their way carefully from here along the narrow paths of the headland to the solitude of the remote ancient harbour of Porto Timoni, or even fight on beyond there through the thorn bushes to the tiny capel in a cave on Point (or Cape) Arilla.

After leaving the 2 tavernas walk along the track to the side and out onto the open headland to another superb viewpoint, this time the view is to the north across a group of small islands: Kravia, Gineka and Sikia. Beyond them are the Diapontia Islands and further back still the mountains of Albania. There are a few benches to sit on while taking in the scene or waiting for the sun to sink behind the islands for that superb sunset photograph.

Afionas Sunsets

For spectacular sunsets on a clear evening the Tavernas facing North, such as The Three Brothers, and Panorama, can be recommended for the unforgettable prospect of glowing skies and sea as the sun sinks down below the horizon. Another popular spot for sunset viewing and photos is on the headland behind the village where you might be lucky to get a seat on one of the benches.

Link to larger photograph Link to larger photograph
Sunsets at Afionas

and dawn

(click on photo)
just before the early morning sun appears over distant Mt. Pantokrator everywhere is bathed in a pink light.

Around Afionas

Lovely elderly couple plus a few other images, including 2 aerial ones.

Link to larger photograph Link to larger photograph


There are also some more photographs of the scenery around Afionas and also some aerial photos (more suitable for fast Internet connections) on my Photographs gallery .

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