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Agios Georgios

Photograph over Agios Georgios Bay
Agios Georgios Bay

Lying tucked away several miles down a twisty road and 30 km from Corfu town, this little resort can be found under several names including Agios Georgios (North), Agios Georgios Pagi, or San George, and is a haven for lovers of a quiet restful holiday. So far the demands of the tourist trade have not spoiled the natural beauty of this delightful bay nor the friendliness of the local people. It should be noted that there is another Corfu holiday resort of the same name in the south of the island.

'Agios Georgios North' from space

Set on level land at the mouth of a wide valley between high rocky headlands, this collection of private houses, small hotels, tavernas and some apartments sprawls lazily behind the beach road. You will not find any tall apartment blocks or large self-catering complexes here, just small family run enterprises.

Photograph showing some landmarks and tourist accommodation

Behind them is a countryside of fields, olive groves and wooded hills. The ancient olive trees with their contorted and perforated trunks form a greyish green carpet when viewed from a distance, but the views are made so much more interesting by the dark green colours of the numerous tall, pencil shaped cypress trees.

Plan of resort

Certainly not known for vigorous nightlife, Agios Georgios suits families with young children, or couples and individuals of all ages who enjoy restful holidays in beautiful countryside, while at the same time providing endless fun for the kids on the beach or around the hotel pools.

However for stressed out 'workaholics' this is the ideal place as you have no choice but to slow down. Everything goes slow here.

For a more lively night life it is easy to take a taxi or car the 12 miles or so to Sidari. For teenagers or adults wanting a boisterous, wild club scene San George is definitely not the place.

At the superb beach with its crystal clear water you can just relax and enjoy the sun under a beach umbrella, hire a boat or enjoy a variety of water sports.

There is an ample choice of friendly Tavernas, Restaurants, small mini-markets and a few tourists' Gift Shops plus the occasional small quality shop such as "M.A. Jewellery" for good hand-made gold and silver jewellery.

For everyday needs there are several small "supermarkets" such as 'Bios' on the Pagi road, 'Patras' and 'Tony's' centrally on the beach road, and further along the 'San George Supermarket'. All are run by friendly local people.

There are 2 Internet Cafes, so important in this modern world. You can pop into the small Internet Cafe at the Katoi Bar near the beach (see Plans) to collect your web-based email or keep in touch with work ( if you really must) or more likely your Facebook or Twitter pages. In the middle part of the resort there is a pleasant Bowling alley which also has a small Internet Cafe and large screen TV in the cool air-conditioned bar area.

You can hire a Motor Bike or Scooter for the day, or a Mountain Bike (it is hilly), or spend a few hours Bowling or playing Billiards... hire a boat or try the water sports available on the beach. (see Beach link)

Many visitors enjoy walking in this delightful undulating countryside with its shady olive groves and wild flower bordered rural roads.

Our favourite "not to be missed" short car trips are to:

  • Afionas for drinks at Dionysos taverna and/or Porto Timoni Cafe to take in the magnificent view over Agios Georgios bay; and either the Three Brothers or Panorama Restaurants for spectacular evening sunsets.( See Afionas Link).
  • Pagi village ( See Link) for coffee or drinks at a local greek cafe-bar, and on up through Prinillas via the twisting hill road with its magnificent views to the small village of Makrades, now well known for its souvenir shops and the local residents who leap out into the road waving cars to stop to buy their goods. (If you do stop they will have your door open before you know !)
    For a longer trip carry on through Makrades down through Lakones with more superb views over the rocky bays of the famous resort of Paleokastritsa.

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