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Agios Georgios

Bits and Pieces

This old donkey no longer stands out in the hot sun. I wonder what happened to her!

Beasts of Burden

Donkeys are still used as a rather slow form of transport for their owners or as carriers of goods.

The districts around Agios Georgios are basically very rural areas and examples of old skills can still be seen.

Hand-made donkey saddle
Think of the care and hours of work which have gone into this hand-made donkey saddle.


Modern Transport

New 2 wheel tractor    

For working the very small fields a small 2-wheeled tractor is ideal


and can come in various degrees of adaptation.

  Tractor adapted to covered truck

Dino travelling to fields   Dinos and dog used to travel daily from Pagi village down to their small farm in the valley at Agios Georgios. Very sadly Dino's old age and infirmity now prevent that and the land is being farmed by someone else. The website owner misses seeing him.

"Shank's Pony"
(On foot)

This lady regularly walks from the village of Makrades, which is over the headland south of Agios Georgios bay, down the cliffs via the old donkey trail to tend her olive trees near to our beach resort. (Holiday walkers feel proud when they achieve the same Walk !)

Lady on long walk to look after her olive trees

Early morning walk to work !
(Taken at 8 a.m)



One local apartment owner has a very soft spot for abandoned kittens.
Litter of adopted kittens
But for his kindness these beautiful kittens would not have survived.

In Memory of :

Huge ancient olive tree  

Take a good look at the size of this ancient olive tree.

It is growing on the Pagi road outside the apartments of the late Thomas, who died in 2002. He will be remembered by many visitors, particularly those to Theo's Hotel, for being ever-present patiently sitting beside his roadside table in the burning sun selling his nuts and home-made wine.

Thomas claimed the tree is over 900 years old (1100 B.C.) and who can question this. Imagine the events and people that have passed by its twisted and gnarled trunk during the centuries !

Huge ancient olive tree  

Occasionally the visitor comes across a small box like a miniature house or church decorated with a light or candle, a few flowers and possibly some toys. These religious shrines are usually in memory of a loved one who died at the place.

Less commonly they might be in thanks to a Saint where it is believed that God or the Saint intervened to prevent a sad event.


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