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Agios Georgios

Hire a Boat

The lovely greens and blues of the clear sea water at Agios Georgios tempt many visitors onto the water.

There are several places to hire pedalos or boats of varying sizes along the beach.

Depending on the weather and sea conditions you can either mess around close to the beach or venture further afield in an engine-powered boat.

On either side of Agios Georgios bay are high cliffs and viewing these from the open sea reveals the fascinating geological history. If anyone can suggest how a very large rock comes to be perched on top of a bare island at least 500 metres from the nearest land (see link to Trip below) I will be pleased to hear from you.

If you go the left (south) you go round the headland to Paleokastritsa while going to the right you will find Arillas and the small islands of Kravia and Sikia.

For most of the summer the idyllic Corfu weather provides excellent boating conditions, but like anywhere this is not always so and conditions may change. Caution should be exercised at all times. Even pedalos can be taken by a strong breeze or sea current.

A few words of Caution

  • Check the weather forecast BEFORE you go.
  • If winds or fresh breezes are forecast limit your plans and stay close to your base.
  • Conditions at sea can change quickly.
  • Ensure the boat has sufficient life-jackets...if it gets rough put them ON early. (Always keep life-jackets on young children or non-swimmers.)
  • NEVER mess about on the boat.
  • Sea spray makes GRP (plastic) and stainless steel fitments EXTREMELY SLIPPERY particularly if sun-tan creams have been used. Move slowly and carefully. (Tip: A length of rope (the anchor rope), firmly tied, makes a good non-slip support).
  • If you have a mobile phone take it with you. It can save a lot of bother.
  • If you swim from a boat you will find the water is deeper than it looks and it can be extremely difficult to get back on board without a firm ladder.
  • Your skin will burn MUCH faster on a boat without being noticed so cover up with cream or clothes.

Most days in Corfu there will be no problems but if in doubt remember "there is always another day"!

There are a few photographs all taken within an hours' round trip from the beach.

Come a short trip

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