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Agios Georgios


Many tourists prefer to hire their cars locally rather than pre-book with an international company. Usually the local rates are considerably cheaper and it can be more convenient. We have always been very satisfied with the prices, the cars and the service. Cars are new or just a couple of years old and well maintained.

You may find lower charges on the Internet but be careful (see below).

Unless you really like big cars or your circumstances require one, then a small one is ideal for most of the narrow village roads as well as for ease of parking. Recent very hot summers are increasing the desire for air-conditioning which is well worth the extra expense.


(see plan on Tavernas page for situation)

BELLE HELENE RENT A CAR Situated at Belle Helene Hotel on Beach Road (middle) in centre of Agios Georgios. Terms include FULL insurance. Email: info@bellehelenehotel.com
COSTAS CARS Well known in the area for modern cars, jeeps and motor bikes. Situated in Pagi road at Agios Georgios. Terms include FULL insurance.
Tel. 0030 26630 96352
ST.GEORGE RENT-A-CAR Situated on Beach Road (middle) in centre of Agios Georgios.
COSTAS GOLDEN BEACH The hotel has its own Car Hire service (possibly for guests only so check with hotel)


(For airport or Corfu town pick-up)

TOP CARS Modern cars at very competitive prices which include FULL insurance and NO EXCESS. Will meet you at airport, port etc. (see Links page)
VALUE PLUS Cheap rates which include FULL insurance. Sidari based. (see Links page)
ARILLAS CARS Car Hire firm based in nearby Arillas but will deliver and collect from Agios Georgios. (see Links page)
CORFU EXPLORE Based in Agios Stefanos this company should deliver your car to your Agios Georgios accommodation. (see Links page)


FRONT RUNNERS Specialist Motor Bike and Scooter hire near bridge in centre of Agios Georgios. Run by local brothers Alexandros and Stamatis.They have small-engined Quad-bikes too.(car driving licence needed)
Tel. 26630 96009 Email: frontrunnersbikes@yahoo.gr
ALEXANDROS BIKES Motor Bike and Scooter hire on beach road in centre of Agios Georgios.
Tel 26630 96352


RENT-A-BICYCLE Hire a pedal bicycle locally. On beach road in centre of resort. (see plan on Tavernas page for situation)

Take care ! Car Hire: An Internet search can often produce cheap offers but wherever you are booking be sure to check the Insurance cover as many are just for very basic 3rd party cover !
Many visitors try to get Insurance which covers for everything even if the accident was the fault of the hirer, (with no excess) including damage to the hire car. This may mean a higher charge and is often the reason for the difference in quotes. Always enquire BEFORE booking if there is an EXCESS possibly payable.

Disclaimer. These web pages and details are published for guidance only. Any persons must arrange their own car or bike hire and will have contracts direct with those respective parties, not the web site owner.