about Agios Georgios north, Corfu

Agios Georgios

Resort Plan

Plan showing position of some hotels and apartments and other places of interest
(Enlarge and slide to separate items)

See notes below regarding 2 halves of resort

For 'key' to map View on Google Maps (then click on 'Display non-secure items')
Unfortunately the Google Base map has been hi-jacked and shows some incorrect items so please IGNORE the names in white lettering on black background and ONLY use the ICONS.

Note for new visitors: The resort is quite long and for vehicles it is divided into 2 parts. (Enlarge the map 2 times and note in the middle of the beach the yellow road leaving the beach near a cluster of restaurants, and also note how the road then returns to the beach).
To reach the northern half from the south car drivers and m/bike riders should first turn left outside the Belle Helene Hotel, as if going down onto the beach. Drive past 'Maria's Snack Shack' and follow the road up the steep hill looking out for a turning about half-way up the hill on your left (rather hidden) which you should take. This will bring you back down to the beach again where there are more restaurants and apartments.
Those coming from the north will turn away from the breach before the 'San George Supermarket' and climb uphill round some corners until you reach another road where you turn right down the hill.
Walkers however have no such problem and can easily walk along the beach in front of the beachside restaurants.

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