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Visitors to Greece and other mediterranean places are often upset by the stray dogs and cats. Unfortunately it is a fact that also in Corfu these poor animals are seen around.

However many apparently stray dogs are not lost but are merely wanderers from their homes. They will return later by their own resources. It would no doubt help if more were neutered. It is difficult for animal lovers to turn their backs but feeding them or showing them affection may cause them to follow until they are out of their known territory when they WILL become another stray.

Advice given by the welfare groups is NOT to feed the stray cats which often hang around Tavernas etc. The owners naturally do not want them encouraged in the public eating areas.

There are arguments "For and Against" feeding the stray cats. One is that particularly in popular tourist places they come to totally rely on supplied food rather than learning to fend for themselves by developing their natural hunting instincts. Then when the tourists suddenly depart at the end of October they starve to death.
For more information read the article on this site here and follow the links shown there.

Animal Welfare

There are a few welfare organisations in Corfu run by volunteers and for anyone wishing to help them in their work a donation is the best way. They organise the important neutering schemes and as well as care kennels. They have re-homed many hundreds of lovely animals both in Greece and other European countries.

These groups rely entirely on donations of money and the best way to help the cause of strays is to support these dedicated people..

How you can help
Visit the web-sites mentioned above and also this one:
http://www.agni-animal-welfare-fund.com/HowYouCanHelp.asp and make a donation direct to the people who are doing the work.
(Visitors from Germany may also assist in a unique way as described on that web-site.)