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Agios Georgios



Photograph from Walk 3 at Agios Georgios
A glorious view on Walk 3

Agios Georgios circular walk
Countryside and small roads
Fairly level circular walk using footpaths through pleasant fields, quiet olive groves and mostly country roads. ....Time needed: From 1 to 1 and a half hours WARNING There is a stream crossing involving steps cut in the banks.

WARNING In recent years part of this route has been very overgrown and difficult to find in early season so maybe should be avoided at these times. See notes


Agios Georgios circular walk
Countryside and small roads
Circular, walk at northern end of resort using unsurfaced tracks and footpaths but includes a couple of short hills.....Time needed: From 1 to 1 and a half hours


Agios Georgios to Fisherman's Cabin
Olive Groves near sea
Slightly undulating "there and back" walk using unsurfaced tracks along the edge of the beach and later through quiet olive groves to Fisherman's Cabin........Time needed: From 1 and a half hours to 2 hours.

and Variations

For serious walkers.... to Makrades or Angelokastro
Olive groves and wonderful views (includes a spectacular CLIFF PATH)
A quite tough "there and back" walk using unsurfaced tracks. The first part is fairly level through quiet olive groves, parallel to the sea, but the second half of the outward journey is a steady uphill walk, rough and steep in places. Please read WARNING before setting off on this walk. ......Time needed at least half a day plus any breaks. (For the longer Variations allow a full day.)


To Pagi Village
Old village and real Greek countryside (Our favourite)
Circular walk using both surfaced roads and unsurfaced tracks to the village of Pagi and returning via pleasant little used tracks and roads through fields and quiet olive groves. The first part is a long uphill walk on the main road but this can be avoided by catching the local morning bus to Pagi. The rest is a really delightful walk being
all either downhill or level and quite easy underfoot.Time needed: 3 hours to 4 hours depending on stops.


To Arillas and San Stefanos
Beach and small roads with views
A long "there and back" walk using the beach, surfaced roads and unmade tracks producing excellent views of the sea and offshore islands.
Time needed : It is suggested you make this a full day's walk stopping at San Stefanos for lunch.


Pagi Village (hard way)
Olive Groves and countryside
Circular walk involving a very steep climb. Passes through some little known countryside and quiet olive groves with lovely views from higher ground.
Time needed 2 hours


To Afionas Village
"There and back" walk using only beach and surfaced roads to this lovely old village with its superb views of Agios Georgios and the north-west coastal islands. (Involves a steep hill)
Time needed : 30 mins to 1 hour (depends on which end of Agios Georgios you start).


Circular and rather tough walk via Pagi and Prinilas villages returning by way of Fisherman's Cabin. Initially there is a lot of steady uphill walking but later we descend down a long hill beneath stunning white limestone cliffs (with an option of a detour to investigate an old 'kalderimi', donkey trail, and its superb photo opportunities?

Note: These walks are suggested by the web site designer, or visitors, and the notes were written by him. This is a rural area so be aware that route conditions and circumstances can change. If so find an alternative but enjoy your day out.

Comment: Too much rubbish (plastic bags etc) is now appearing and will spoil these lovely walks. Please do not add to it ! TAKE your rubbish back to a disposal point!

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