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From Agios Stefanos

A nice day out can be a boat trip to the offshore island of Ericousa. The trip can be booked through San Stefano Travel whose offices are in San Stefanos (NW) (Agios Stefanos on maps).

The trip can also be started at Sidari but then a major highlight would be missed....i.e. the cruise along the shoreline of north-west Corfu with views of the magnificent cliffs around Cape Drastis and the unusual rocky coves of the Canal D'Amour at Sidari where the boat calls to pick up more passengers.

After the pick-up in Sidari it is staight across the blue waters of the sea to Erikousa with views of distant Albania, the islands of Mathraki, Erikousa and Othoni, and of course Corfu behind you .

On arriving at Erikousa the boat draws up at the docking pier and off you go for about 4 hours to do your own thing.

Erikousa harbour
Erikousa harbour and pier

Surprisingly to most visitors Erikousa is inhabited by several hundred people so there's no Robinson Crusoe here. There is a Police station, Community Centre, at least 2 churches or chapels and a cemetary.

For refreshments and purchases there are several cafes with small shops as well as the restaurant of the Erikousa Hotel.

Rooms can be booked at his small hotel for for holiday accommodation in this quiet and fairly isolated place.

The island is very green and much of is covered by a dense vegetation of bushes and trees. From the harbour there are concrete roads around the adjoining valley with its numerous houses tucked away among the small fields and bamboos.

New concrete roads are being built into the hilly interior indicating more future development for "away from it all" types. However in the 4 hours allowed it is not possible to explore much of ithe island particularly as the lovely beach is so inviting.

Older houses in the hills

On the sweeping beach adjoining the port you will find sun-beds and umbrellas. It consists of fine golden sand dipping gently into the shallow water, and is sheltered from the worst of the winds.

beach at Erikousa    beach at Erikousa


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Some are views from the moving boat of the lovely cliff scenery and others are taken on Erikousa, all within a 30 minutes walk from the beach..

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