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Agios Georgios



For good reason the beautiful sandy Agios Georgios beach will be top of many visitors list of places to pass their time.

Sun bathing All along the beach are sun beds and umbrellas to hire for the day.

Swimming and bathing: The full length of the gradually sloping beach is suitable for all ages.

Water Sports: There are several places to hire boats, jet-scooters, pedalos, canoes etc along the beach. A typical one with a large choice of activities is the Sun Fun Club.

Hire a Boat: The lovely clear sea water and nearby rocky cliffs at Agios Georgios tempts many visitors to hire a boat.

Scuba Diving:

Healthy visitors can try this activity under the supervision of experienced divers with stress on high safety. The base is situated near the northern end of the beach. The groups may be divided into "experienced" and "beginners" on alternate days so it is necessary to book in advance. The beginners sessions are preceded by brief lessons. All equipment is provided. Locations for dives may be very local in the bay and around the nearby headland cliffs (sea cave found recently) or slightly further afield, depending on conditions.

From Brochure:
Experienced Instructors.
High Safety
Up to date equipment
Excursions to reef, cave dive, deep dive, night dive
Lessons and Certifications
Underwater phootgraphy

Tel. 26630 96902
or 6945 784034
See Links for Diving club web-page

What is it like?
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Internet Cafes: There is a pleasant Internet cafe at the bowling alley which charges a very cheap amount for Internet access.

(Before you leave home set up your emails to be forwarded to a web-based account and check them out whilst on holiday.)

In addition there are now numerous tavaernas etc where WIFI is available in Agios Georgios. It is generally free but it is safer to find a 'secured' network rather than an open one and buying a drink will usually obtain the network password for you for free.


Bowling Alley: This very pleasant centrally situated small modern bowling alley has 2 lanes and electronic scoring. It is air-conditioned and there is a nice licensed cafe and 2 Pool tables plus a large modern Television so is ideal for passing an hour or two on a rainy day (or a hot one). In addition there are 2 computers available for public use. (see Map)


Balloon Club: This night club is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from midnight onwards throughout most of the season. (see Map)


Ilios Living Art: Make your own jewelry under tuition. Situated on the Pagi road 50 metres from the beach.


This lovely area is great for walking or just strolling around to enjoy the Greek countryside. See 'Walking' link on side menu.
For those visitors who don't mind walking up hills my top recommendation is to make the village of Afionas

Organised walk to Corfu Beer brewery

Some years the Thomson representative organises walks to Arillas to visit the brewery where Corfu Beer is produced. Check with either Costas Golden Beach Hotel or Hotel Theo if, and when, there is one.

Go by Car or Motor Bike

Many new visitors ask where they should go. Whilst this depends on personal tastes I make a few suggestions, most of which have been endorsed by other people.

I must mention 'maps' ! Corfu maps are notoriously bad. Sometimes roads are simply missing but more often junctions are in the wrong place. It is not unusual for tourists to recognise a feature they saw some minutes earlier before they went round in a circle! Drivers please don't shout at the poor navigator. Usually it is not THEIR FAULT ! (It is a common sight to see cars stopped at junctions with the occupants studying a map). Probably the best map, Luckily now on sale fairly widely in th earea, is 'Korfu' by 'freytag& berndt' Scale 1:50 000. Look for the dark green and red cover. Alternatively buy it online before you travel for about UK£8-10.



Nearby villages

It is worth the effort to visit the nearby villages of Afionas and Pagi.

AFIONAS is situated on the craggy headland which separates Agios Geogios north from Arillas. It sits astride the top of this hill and has magnificent views to both north and south, possibly the best in Corfu.
Getting there requires either a determination to walk, or a hire vehicle of some sort. The route is along the beach road to the right as far as just before Vrachos Taverna where the public road turns inland. Take this road which climbs steeply in places via a series of corners to the ridge where you turn right for the final km into the beautifully maintained Afionas village. Don't miss the views down into the turquoise water of Agios Georgios bay from the terraces of Zeus Throne Restaurant and Porto Timoni Cafe Restaurant, both being excellent places to enjoy good food.


Also go onto the open top of the headland looking north (opposite direction to Agios Georgios bay) where you can sit on the benches to take in the stunning view northwards along the coast to Arillas and beyond and across the sea to the islands in front of you. Beyond this is the mountainous coast of Albania on a clear day.

Also looking northwards are the tavernas of Anemos, The Three Brothers, and Panorama.


Note: For those walkers who enjoy a steeper rougher walk a NEW footpath has been opened up from the beach. Go past Vrachos Taverna and pass behind the large rocks bordering the sea beneath the cliffs until you reach the signpost directing you up the new footpath which climbs slowly up to the top of the headland emerging close to the track to those 2 restaurants.


which, to English speakers, can be confusingly seen spelled or heard in the form of Payee, Pagoi, Pagwn depending on the use, is an old hill village about 3 kms uphill (of course) along the road towards Corfu town. Whilst many of the older residents only speak their native Greek, the younger ones and some business owners speak English and some German. Visitors enjoy sitting outside 'Jimmy's' or 'Romeo's' enjoying a drink whilst watching the world pass by.
'The Village Shop' has genuine Greek gift items to take home.

Boat Trips

Boat trips : If you don't want to 'drive' yourself the Sunfun Club offer a good range of skippered boat trips including speedboat trips to the islands of Mathraki, Othoni and Erikousa; some night trips or romantic sunset ones (see sunfunclub.blogspot)

Boat taxi : The Sunfun Club will also take you by boat taxi to nearby beaches or resorts such as Paleokastritsa or Arillas, drop you off and arrange to collect you later.

Other Boat Trips : There is no harbour at Agios Georgios for larger boats and the nearest one for boat trips is at Agios Stefanos. This is about 20 minutes by car. However for those without such transport it is worth taking the telephone number with you for San Stefanos Travel. Then you can ring them to book your trip and ask if they are prepared collect you by road and take you to the harbour, for a small fee.

This company do boat trips from Agios Stefanos harbour

Note: These trips are revised every year so check up first before making plans.

Paleokastritsa ... Check for times and days.
A trip along the coast round 3 headlands past Arillas, Afionas, Agios Georgios Bay and enjoying the high cliff scenery to the scenic resort of Paleo. There you will be amazed at the clear waters which are ideal for swimming and snorkeling. A visit to the sea caves is popular and there is plenty of time to have lunch at the local taverns and a visit to the monastery up the little hill.

Erikousa Island ... Every WED, SAT & SUN Check for times and days.
A delightful boat trip north along the cliffs to pick up more passengers at Sidari and then across the blue waters to the small offshore inhabited island of Erikousa where you will have a few hours to wander, have a bite to eat at a taverna, or just lounge and swim from the quiet sandy beach. Some Photographs of Erikousa trip

Mathraki and Othoni Islands Every FRIDAY Check for times and days.
The first stop of the day will be at Mathraki Island for approx 1hr 30mins (try a morning dip). Then it's on to Othoni for 2 stops including 'white sands' beach.


Longer Boat Trips
You can also book through them for longer Boat Trips or excursions which leave from Corfu Town. These locally booked trips are good value and have the advantage of good transfer times. The trips are often similar, or the same, as those offered by the package tour companies.

Other Excursions and Trips

Those visitors on package type holidays will be advised by their reps about the trips available. These vary from year to year but may include a Round the Island coach trip, Corfu town shopping, Albania, the island of Paxos. These can be long and it is reported some may include long "not very direct" transfers involving drop-offs at numerous distant resorts.

Apart from the trips organised by the package tour operators, there are a few available for independant visitors from San Stefano Travel, whose office is in the nearby resort of Agios Stefanos and Olga's Travel (http://www.olgastravel.net)

Coach Trips : If you don't hire a car San Stefano Travel, do a number of interesting trips by coach including the Island Tour; Paleokastritsa; Kassiopi; Aqualand. They may collect from Agios Georgios free for some trips (telephone to check and book). As with the Boat Trips these are good value and have the advantage of good transfer times.


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