about Agios Georgios north, Corfu


An unusual feature is the junction in the village centre where there is a drop of about 3 metres from one road to the other.

James Bond corner

These streets were used in the famous car chase sequence in the James Bond film "For Your Eyes Only" featuring Roger Moore.
The cars took the lower road shown in the above photo but were detained (understandably) by meeting the local bus just here beneath the high wall. (don't worry if you don't remember, or don't know, that sequence as Jimmy, the owner of the cafe beind the ice cream advertising board will willingly show you the video while you wait for your order).

Nervous British tourists unaccustomed to left-hand drive cars dread meeting a lorry or bus on this corner, knowing they will have to reverse back towards that unprotected drop!

Church in Pagi

Old ruined church used as a cemetary
Pagi belltower

Pagi is a place to pause, take your time and absorb the local atmosphere by stopping off for refreshment at one of the small cafes in the village centre.
The 2 usually visited by walkers are Spiros Bar (Jimmy's) and Romeos Cafe Bar opposite. Try them both for daytime or evening light refreshments.

Passing Idle Moments at Jimmy's, Pagi

+ Romeos Cafe

A lovely gift shop called "O Topos Mou" ("The Village") sells some delightful traditional Corfiot gifts of local pottery, woven goods, towels, table linen etc and is well worth a visit. You will find it just away from the village centre near the junction with the road to Prinilas.

Larger photograph

(Strawberries not included !)
Larger photograph
Red Bar

Really great panoramic view

Well worth the effort is a trip by any means (but preferably by car, scooter, bike or taxi) up the hill through Prinilas and on up the good tarmac road to the top of the hill.
The views slowly improve as you climb.


The web page cannot do justice to the immense panoramic view revealed.
at the top of the hill.
In this photo the heat haze hides the Diapontia Islands of Mathraki, Erikousa and Othoni plus the distant mountains of Albania which are just visible in the distance.

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