about Agios Georgios north, Corfu

Agios Georgios


Many visitors to Agios Georgios love to walk extensively or just stroll and the area caters for both tastes.

The long sandy beach is ideal for ambling along the wide gently sloping sand or paddling through the clear water. If you get thirsty there are numerous tavernas at regular intervals nearby.

Most roads are generally quiet and there is no main road. Obviously walkers must keep aware of approaching traffic and step on to the verge, particularly on the road to Pagi which has some blind corners.
Remember that a lot of cars, scooters and motor bikes are hire ones driven by British tourists unused to the controls and driving on the right, so give them plenty of space!

I have suggested a few walks of varying length, with detailed routes and some photographs.

Unlike in some countries, there are no signed public paths (the Corfu Trail excepted) and it should be understood that the paths and tracks used are mostly private ones used or created for access to cultivated fields or olive groves. Consequently they are not guaranteed to stay constant (some become closed and some new ones may appear) so please be respectful of the land owners' property.

OVERGROWN PATHS: Some of the routes use little used paths and these can become overgrown especially in early season until the combination of walkers and summer sun have lessened the vegetation.

Comment: Too much rubbish (plastic bags etc) is now appearing and will spoil these lovely walks. Please do not add to it ! TAKE your rubbish back to a disposal point!