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Around Agios Georgios,
Arilllas and Agios Stefanos

Many visitors to Corfu love to observe the different types of wildlife and plants, especially wild flowers, found in this hot and dry Mediterranean climate.

Due to the variations in climate through the holiday season the plants and wildlife likely to be encountered will change each month.

Common Lizard
Comma butterfly on blossom
Larger Photograph

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These pages are simply a collection of observations made by a holiday visitor over a few years in order to give some indication of just what is around.

They are not a guide to any of the topics nor are there any comprehensive lists or descriptions, although I have attempted to identify some of the flowers.

Stone Marten
Photograph of bee orchid

Woodcock Orchid


Taking notice of the natural world around us is an ideal way to 'chill out'. Just slow down, pause, and observe. Thoughts of what you see will replace those stressful thoughts you are trying to get away from. How many times did I hurry to and from the beach before I noticed this lovely yellow 'weed' on the roadside bank ? (see its full glory in the Flower gallery 'Autumn')

Sternbergia at roadside

The Agios Georgios countryside, (extended to include the areas covered by my suggested walks on my main web-site) is wonderfully varied including sea cliffs; sandy beaches; garrigue with its open sun-drenched areas covered with wild flowers and low thorny shrubs; shady mature olive groves; small agricultural fields; herb-filled road verges; and even steep inland cliffs. Nowhere to be seen are any huge arable fields with their monotonous crops.

Several centuries ago the area would have probably been covered by a forest of oaks and other indigenous tree species but years of human influence removed this, particularly grazing of sheep and goats and clearances for planting the thousands of olive trees. The present-day extensive green canopy is mainly a forest of olives.

Strolls along the narrow roads, tracks and footpaths will reveal a wide range of flowers as well as breeding birds of several kinds, colourful butterflies, insects and maybe some cold-blooded creatures too. The roadside banks are full of rustles, usually a sign of a small lizard scurrying to shelter.

Everywhere there is something to see. Even the sandy beach contains some interesting flowers, including one conserved species, the Sea Daffodil, which displays its snow-white blooms in late summer. It survives months of dry scorching Corfu heat by burying its fleshy bulb deep in the cooler depths of the sand.

Pure white Sea Daffodil

Sea Daffodil

Swallowtail butterfly

A peep into one of the many colourful gardens revealed this beautiful swallowtail butterfly sipping nectar.


These pages have been put together over a period of several years mainly from observations by the web-site owner while on annual holiday but with a few photographs from other web-site visitors.

The web-site owner has no real expertise on any of the topics featured. They are included in the hope that visitors will open their eyes to the natural history which is around them on their trips to Corfu and get more enjoyment from their walks.
(Any contributions about definitely identified subjects or corrections to my notes will be gratefully received)

There are a few photographs which you may enjoy plus one or two short sound files of memorable sounds to remind you of your Corfu holiday.

So switch on your speakers and wander around the Agios Georgios countryside, peer closely into some wild flowers, and listen to the nightingales, the cicadas, the night frogs, and a sad owl.

Visitors who use Facebook might wish to join one of the Corfu based Groups which are very active and have some interesting postings and great photos. Try: Corfu's Flora and Fauna and
Corfu Butterflies and Moths


Note for Visitors staying at Arillas or Agios Stefanos

Although most of the photographs were taken on walks around or close to Agios Georgios north I am sure that many of the species can also be seen in the countryside around Arillas and Agios Stefanos NW. So contributions from any nature lovers staying in those areas will also be appreciated.



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